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Gina is a gifted Reiki Master teacher who lives in Long Valley, NJ.  Her business is Bee Calm Reiki. Since I trained her years ago, she's taken giant leaps and bounds forward, and is a powerful healer in her own right. She's worked with my pets, too.  I am astonished at the information she received and how my animals respond to her.

watch episode #15 The Light Walkers Path-grow your spirit with Rosemary on Bold Brave TV.  Gina, Bee Calm Reiki,  was my podcast. My podcast airs live Tuesdays at 10 Eastern.

Gina specializes is animal Reiki (she works animals and people)

Gina can connect with your pet virtually.

CLICK HERE for heart-to-heart communication and see the details.

CLICK HERE -Animal Reiki level 1 for pets

CLICK HERE to learn Reiki specific to animals

Her email is

Gina Tupaczewski, Reiki Master Teacher


Thank you for Reiki! I didn't realize what was going on with me until yesterday. I went straight home after (our session) and drank a bottle of water and went to sleep for 3 hours-best sleep in weeks!  woke this morning ready to face the world and the world read my best energy. I cannot thank you enough and I will be back for more Reiki!! Chris B. 2022

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